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" My main purpose is to help the deployment and success of artists by making their music visible and seen. 

I started as an artist's stylist. I've developed my skills and improved my ability to be a good listener and a strategist.

Building a good team around an artist is essential. I focus on finding the rights collaborator for each of them and manage the entire organization around their visual needs.

Music videos, photoshoots, graphic design, social media content, stage design, red carpet's looks, my skills are to handle all of the visual aspects of their career so that every goal is met and delivered on time. "



Laurie Thériault-Boivin grew up surrounded by arts. Her parents introduced her to film sets and shows backstages from an early age. After studying dance and cinema, in 2012, she began to work on television and movie sets, in the costume department. In 2014, she partnered with Éva-Maude TC to open "La Ruche Blanche", a creative studio specialized in artists portraits and advertising, where Laurie worked as a stylist and artistic director.


They collaborated with renowned Montréal's artists such as Julie Ringuette, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Fanny Bloom, Andréanne A.Malette, Mariloup Wolf, and many more. Through those experiences, Laurie concretized her passions for music, artists and image.


In 2017 she founded our own company under her name "Laurie TB", to specialize only in visual identity for artists. Her goal was to adapt the growing needs for visuals, originality and promotions for artists.

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C o n t a c t   m e  👋🏻

Look forward to working with you !

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